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Don't Mind Me, I Don't Like Me Either (Mental Health and The Church)

The purpose of “Mental Health and the Church” is to discuss the concept of mental health as it relates to a church’s potential to help lighten the load a family may be experiencing. Mental health affects more than just the individual and the church community can provide resources to better their lives.

In the event professional help may be necessary, we will discuss the differing philosophies among practitioners. When seeking assistance, a theorist should help strengthen the faith of their patients.

We will touch on the more common diagnoses and answer the question, “Does taking medication reflect a lack of faith?”

God on Trial: Job and the Suffering of the Innocent

A bet between God and Satan that results in an innocent man's unimaginable suffering. What does it mean?

The book of Job may be the most emotionally intense, thought provoking, difficult story in the Bible. Christians have often gone to it for answers to the wrong questions. They often come away disappointed, while missing the power of its real message. Dive with us into the real message of Job. Join Job as he encounters God in a world of injustice and chaos.

Wait for it … How to Cultivate Patience in Our Christian Journey

This series explores the virtue and value of patience in the Christian journey and how we can begin to make permanent changes so we can be, as James says, "mature, complete, not lacking in anything".

Week #1: The power of waiting - what the bible says about patience.

Week #2: Where does your provision come from? - why is it so hard to wait.

Week #3: Patience fails and triumphs - examples from the bible and what we can learn from them.

Week #4: What now? A practical guide to beginning your patience journey.

Creative Bible Journaling

We will learn some interesting ways to reflect on God’s Word and express our faith. We will read one chapter of PHILIPPIANS per week, then respond in creative ways like lettering, drawing, using stickers, highlighting, doodling, and more. Interacting creatively with God’s Word can make truths stick closer to our hearts in a different way than simple reading. No art skills necessary, just a heart to draw closer to the Lord.

$10 for materials

For The Kids...

If you have kids that will be coming with you we would love for them to be a part of our Summer Fun Nights that are happening at the same time as Bethel U. If you would like your kids to be involved please register them HERE